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Guaranteed Replacement Cost
First American Specialty Insurance Company
First American Specialty has introduced a new optional endorsement which bundles together in one form a number of benefits plus Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for your home. This means if your home is destroyed by a covered peril and if you meet the conditions of the policy First American will pay to rebuild your home regardless of the Coverage A amount shown on your policy. To be eligible for this new endorsement your home must have an original year of construction date 1980 and after, be located no closer than 1500 feet to a brush hazard, you must allow First American to inspect your home inside and out, and you must allow First American to determine the coverage amount for your home.
The endorsement increases Special Limits of Liability for such personal property as money, jewelry, watches and firearms. Grave marker coverage is also increased to $2500 and Lock Replacement Coverage up to $500 is added with this endorsement.
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